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The Humane way to catch feral deer


Are you looking for a portable feral deer trap? If so then look no further. Our portable deer traps are used by Government agencies because they are humane, light and easy to use.


Ideally suited to locations where conventional deer control is not suitable. With a basic induction almost anyone can catch feral deer and contribute to controlling a fast growing problem.


Deer traps are exclusively available through the Feral Solutions Group Pty Ltd. Contact them via: 


See video of Feral Deer trap at far bottom of this page



Humane Feral Deer TrapHumane Feral Deer Trap



The team at Shawmac Industries Australia Pty Ltd have significant experience in the design, construction and application of Trapping as an important control method for feral deer. We have the experience and capacity to construct much larger pen traps with automated door systems designed to capture large numbers of feral deer.

Large Feral Deer Pen Trap with Automated doorsLarge Feral Deer Pen Trap with Automated doors