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Firearm Suppressor Application Support  Packages

Shawmac Industries Australia is a licensed Prohbited Weapons Manufacturer/Dealer - Lic 411593453


Application support packages are available to NSW residents at this time only. Shawmac Industries Australia Pty Ltd is aiming to have supporting packages for persons in other States in the near future.


Applying for a NSW Prohibited Firearm and Prohibited Weapon Permit in NSW can be a daunting and confusing task. At Shawmac Industries Australia Pty Ltd we are pleased to offer a complete application package and ongoing support with our experienced staff to assist our customers. Our packages include all the forms, supporting documents and pre-paid envelopes you should require to make an application.


Application packages are available in the following formats:

    - Recreational Hunter

    - Primary Producer

    - Professional/Contract Shooter


Application packages come fully printed and ready to complete for a small fee - $55.00


If you are interested in obtaining a NSW Prohibited Weapon and Firearm permit to own and use a firearm silencer in NSW and want to purchase an application package from us please contact:


Michael Knez

Global Development Manager

Shawmac Industries Australia Pty Ltd

Mob: 0437 698 648





Ian McCall

Technical Development Officer

Shawmac Industries Australia Pty Ltd

Mob: 0403 844 844



NOTE: Shawmac Industries Australia Pty Ltd will initially ask you a series of questions to determine if you are capable of demonstrating a genuine reason to obtain a Prohibited Weapon and Firearm Permit to own and use a firearm silencer in NSW. If you do not meet the minimum requirements to submit an application demonstrating a genuine reason we will not sell you an application package. The NSW Police Firearm Registry is ultimately responsible for determining if an applicant has demonstrated a genuine reason or not and the time it takes to process applications. It is not the role of Shawmac Industries Australia Pty Ltd to advise if you will be successful or not and the time it will take to obtain your license, this is the responsibility of the NSW Police Firearm Registry. 


Purchasing an application package from Shawmac Industries Australia Pty Ltd does not constitute purchasing or dealing with a prohibited weapon. The sale of the package is strictly related to providing printed forms, templates, postage items, information and associated support to our customers.


Application packages supplied by Shawmac Industries Australia Pty Ltd are subject to pending copyright claims.