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Product Returns, Repair and Refund Policy


Firearm Suppressors:


Replacement, refunds or repairs may be provided in certain circumstances where our product fails or there are machining or construction faults. Shawmac Industries Australia Pty Ltd reserves the right to determine if a replacement, refund or repair is to be offered.

Customer satisfaction with performance does not constitute product failure and will not be subject to replacement, refund or repair. The performance of a firearm suppressor is highly variable and influenced by weather, atmospheric pressure, barrel length, powder charges, calibre, environmental conditions, altitude, firearm type and other relevant factors. Due to the high number of variable factors affecting performance, replacement or refunds will not be offered due to customer satisfaction concerns with product performance.

In the event of a product failure, machining or construction fault which renders the product inoperable or unsafe we offer a full repair or replacement policy within the 12 month warranty period only. 

No replacement, repair or refund will be offered for products fitted to an inaccurate muzzle thread which results in projectile strike to the suppressor.

No replacement or refund will be provided for customers changing their minds on models or no longer wanting the product. 

Customers should note that fitting a suppressor to a firearm does change the point of impact and that the point of impact with and without a suppressor fitted to a firearm will not be the same. Customers should further note that, although uncommon, from time to time a suppressor can change the accuracy performance of a firearm requiring a change of ammunition or modifications to a firearm such as bedding. These are normal outcomes, are not related to a fault with the suppressor and will not be covered by any warranty.

Our products are made to order and subject to a 30% deposit when placing an order. The deposit will be retained by Shawmac Industries Australia Pty Ltd if you choose not to proceed with the order.